Lucian's Glow in the Dark Necklace

Image of Lucian's Glow in the Dark Necklace

Channel the mystique of Lucian by wearing his necklace (and support Voice of God Mystery!) We are thrilled to offer our readers a wearable piece of memorabilia that is sure to "brighten" your day.

- Hourglass pendant measures 1,2 inches or 2,8 cm. The chain measures 20 inches or 51 cm.
- Expose the hourglass to direct light for at least 20 minutes. Sunlight works best but holding it close to any light bulb also works.
- The glow effect will slowly fade when removed from light source.
- Choose between 3 colors: blue, green, or purple.
- Buy all 3 for only $15!

hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour
- William Blake